AU where Ruby’s a siren that lures Sam’s ship to shore? 

It seemed appropriate for me to sketch Orlando. I don’t know why

NSFW OTP CHALLENGE no.3 -first time

This is so different than what I sat out to do. Ugh. 


Art! Writing! Madness! is a Supernatural art/story exchange by mycolour and itfeltpurefic.  Each takes a turn creating a piece of art, which the other uses as a prompt for a short story.  Unless otherwise specified, stories are one-offs.


fic this round by mycolour

A strip of light across his left eye is what wakes Dean.

He tries swatting at it and ends up poking himself in the eye. It’s not the most glorious way to wake up, but it gets the job done.  He takes a few minutes to assess the danger level of his surroundings with his eyes closed.  The motel room is still and peaceful except for the faint breeze of the air conditioner. It’s even quiet outside.

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I am confused about how my brain works exactly, this was supposed to be something for queer dean month? But I ended up with this? 

who am I 

midget-banana wanted wing!kink cause apparently she hates me. 

Another one! Cosmos made me super productive and inspired. It’s hard not to get inspired by it though. 

NSFW OTP CHALLENGE no.2-kiss (naked)

What the hell colors, what are you doing. 

Soooo I really LOVE Cosmos??

Floating Helena. 

She haunts my dreams. 

dirtyovercoats and I! 

Yes, she is as adorable and smart as she appears online. 

NSFW OTP CHALLENGE no.1-cuddles (naked)

My headcanon is and always will be that Dean is a huge cuddler and Cas is a burrower. 

Maybe cause my mom keeps watching Jane Austen adaptations cause she’s sick and might be a thinly veiled message to dirtyovercoats but mostly I just wanted to draw an oval portrait of Cas. 

Light my path