midget-banana wanted wing!kink cause apparently she hates me. 

Another one! Cosmos made me super productive and inspired. It’s hard not to get inspired by it though. 

NSFW OTP CHALLENGE no.2-kiss (naked)

What the hell colors, what are you doing. 

Soooo I really LOVE Cosmos??

Floating Helena. 

She haunts my dreams. 

dirtyovercoats and I! 

Yes, she is as adorable and smart as she appears online. 

NSFW OTP CHALLENGE no.1-cuddles (naked)

My headcanon is and always will be that Dean is a huge cuddler and Cas is a burrower. 

Maybe cause my mom keeps watching Jane Austen adaptations cause she’s sick and might be a thinly veiled message to dirtyovercoats but mostly I just wanted to draw an oval portrait of Cas. 

Light my path

I will do this NSFW OTP challenge for destiel

Right after I finish this dark portrait of Castiel

Aaaa yes I am back

The blog Cas ft Cats is live! I’m just gonna be reblogging pictures that feature Cas with cats or anything relevant to that. Feel free to submit appropriate links! 



Authors: clotpoleofthelord​ and tamryneradani

Pairing: Dean/Cas, Sam/Jody

Rating: T

Buried under the streets and subways of Boston there’s a secret place, where anyone with deep enough pockets can find everything they could want. Sam Winchester thought he’d left behind the search for the Dollhouse when he left his family nearly a decade ago to try and lead a normal life. But his law firm’s new case makes him think that maybe his father and brother might have been right all along. (Dollhouse AU)


Yes. Yes I did half ass her hair. WHY IS IT SO CURLY.

bonus: the worst process gif ever. 

*screams from the mountaintop* POUSSEY!!!!


I had a dream I was watching an interview with Einstein, and he was saying, “Soon, you will begin to see this relationship in all things.” And someone said, “Is that your theory of relativity, Professor?” And Einstein said, “No, that’s Destiel.”