Inspired by Misha’s E4K kayaking where he was not wearing a life-jacket so Poseidon could potentially take him and he’d become Medusa. 

Perseus!Dean and Medusa!Cas 

a fantastical collab publication by midget-pumpkin and mycolour with help from macaroni-incident and nakedbrownie

This blog is a thing. I don’t know what thing exactly, but it’s a thing. 

NSFW OTP CHALLENGE no.6 - Clothed getting off

Was it some dark vertigo, lover? / Drawing you to pain

A Song For Sorry Angel by Franz Ferdinand and Jane Birkin for anon

Can you tell American Horror Show has started? 

Cause the walls were shaking the earth was quaking

You Shook Me All Night Long by AC/DC for casfucker 

I changed my pen’s nib so apparently I paint differently now. 

Anonymous asked:
hey, sorry if this is a slightly weird question, but could I possibly use some of your artwork in my GCSE coursework to show my inspirations and stuff? All work will be fully credited of course, and you're one of my fav artists and it would be great if you would allow it. It's totally okay if you don't want to, it's understandable (◠‿◠✿) thank you

Of course anon dear! Go crazy! yay for education!


Did You Know: mycolour's name literally means 'my colour' in Turkish. She's a walking, talking pun of the nature


NSFW OTP CHALLENGE no.5 - Blow job

Happy premiere day guys! 

Teefury is having a special Supernatural thing and you can get this shirt for $15 this week! As well as many other amazing Supernatural designs!

Reverse big bang reject, sorry little guy no stories for you! 

So there was talk about a Rocky Horror Picture Show destiel au over at r/fandomnatural and I know macaroni-incident has a soft spot for RHPS so there you go. 

And I keep coming up short

Amsterdam by Imagine Dragons for whisperabovethestorm

The shadows are meant to be Mary, Dean and Jess because, well, the song. 


Elaborate Lives
by OliveBranched

Rating: Mature
Word Count: 26,000
Relationships: Dean/Castiel, Castiel/Anna
Warnings: Major Character Death, Violence, Torture

After bumping into an eerily familiar stranger at the new Ancient Egypt exhibit in Lawrence, Dean is whisked away into his memories of another life on the shores of the Nile. Dean, a member of the Nubian nobility, is taken captive by Castiel, the captain of the Pharaoh’s army, who takes him back to Egypt as a gift for the Pharaoh’s daughter, Anael. Despite years of prejudice on both sides and their clashing personalities, Dean finds himself falling for the Egyptian captain. AIDA!au

I will be there at your side to remind you how I still love you

Love of My Life by Queen for anon

I wonder where you are and I whisper your name

Blind Love by Tom Waits for anotherfallenchild